Monday, January 1, 2007

Kind words

"A fire and brimstone country troubadour ... feels like a good Southern novel, even though he's from Wisconsin."
- A.N. Smith, crime novelist

"Built With Bones is a trip deep into the prairie where the forces of good and evil duel through the details of each song's haunting and melodic beauty. Christian has a firm understanding that without evil, there can be no good and vice versa. The song titles read like short stories, and each song delivers its promise of true gothic American storytelling, the old-fashioned way."
Slackeye Slim, fellow teller of dark tales

"Christian Williams describes his mixture of acoustic guitar, banjo and storytelling with a dark side as Gothic country music.The Gothic here meaning songs that paint a similarly parched vision (unless there's a flood) to Two Gallants (without the surplus verses), Nick Cave (sans piano) and also Johnny Cash's American series."
- Howard, Lonesome Music

"Gothy country more brooding than Johnny Cash covering 'Hurt.'"
- Kenyon Hopkin, Advance Copy

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